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विद्धकर्म, अग्नीकर्म आणि पंचकर्म केंद्र

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Agnikarma & Viddhakarma National Conference 2024​

Thank you for your great support. We'll return in 2025.

Registration Process

Kindly fill all your details, select your gender, qualification and accomodation details

Payment Process

If you would like to opt-in for accomodataion, select Yes and additional Rs. 1200 will be added to the total amount. You can pay the total amount on the QR Code.

Thank You

Thank you for registering! We're committed to ensuring your seminar experience is both informative and enjoyable.

Scan The UPI code and upload the screenshot in registration form

Registration Fees :
UG Students: Rs. 1300
PG/PhD Scholars : Rs. 1500
Practioners/others : Rs. 1500

To opt for accomodation additional Rs. 1200 should be paid extra.

* Accomodation is not mandatory

About Conference

The primary goal of Shri Varkari Ayurved is to facilitate the learning and accessibility of Ayurveda across all social layers.
For the past five years, Shri Varkari Ayurved has diligently pursued this objective. We’ve reached diverse patients from across the state through numerous health checkup camps and our four OPDs.
To cultivate awareness of Ayurveda among the emerging Vaidya community, our trust has consistently organized a series of online and offline seminars.
These sessions have garnered over 125,000 views, contributing significantly to spreading Ayurvedic knowledge.
We extend a warm invitation to join us in the sacred city of Alandi to delve into the practices of Agnikarma and Viddhakarma chikitsa, allowing for an immersive learning experience.

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    श्री वारकरी आयुर्वेद चिकित्सालय​​

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